TATA Consultancy Services - Hungary

Science Park B, 1st Floor, Irinyi Joszef utca 4-20, Budapest 1117,


Tata Consultancy Services Hungary is a global, Indian-owned company, with the headquarter being in India.It started its Hungarian operations in 2001 as a Regional Headquarter. Giving the company its global footprint there are 156 offices in 42 countries 116,000 employees from 30 different nationalities and 90 Delivery Centres in 18 countries

Our portfolio:

·        Providing innovative IT solutions and developments for our customers
·        Outsourcing and managing various processes on a global level (eg. financial operations, HR, customer care, sales)
·        Businessconsultancy 

Currently we have more than 700 associates, however our ambitious goal is to double it by next year and grow to 3000 in 3years.

3 things that differentiate us from other organizations:

First and foremost based on organizational and individual needs, our associates are placed in new roles every 2-2.5 years thanks to our rotation policy. Thus we ensure a stable corporate background and an opportunity as well to gain diverse, new experiences and further advance your career.

Nevertheless we put high emphasis on the well-being of our associates. Just to name a few: we provide and support continuous training and education, we organize informal events regularly and wehave a great cafeteria system too.

Last but not least, we are open and we encourage our associates to provide ideas and solutions on how canwe work on a more effective and quality way, and implement them as fast aspossible to provide maximum quality to our clients and remain one step ahead of our competition. 

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